You Never Walk Alone - Aimie Farzana

Feb 26, 2017

You Never Walk Alone

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wah demam bts. I stan BTS since 2013 and I happy seeing them because succes , how they give their effort to achieve goals, How my husband write the song hem. ( abe namjoon) Sometime I get jealous when BTS start to have many fans after most of exotics turn to become army, I feel jealous when seeing other girl like namjoon then I realise that  I'm here not for a wife auditionbut for entertainment. HAHAHAHA. I think this happen because I don't have any boyfriend or crush so I totally falling in love on someone that does not realise my existence.
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Nevermind, hahaha. However it quite hard when most of your friends  have boyfriend or crush and I still alone while sitting at the room corner. My mom also  force me to find a boyfriend , she said that I'm 19 so I should have a boyfriend. Ummi, I'm big fat and ugly nobody want me.

Finally I decide that I will wait for namjoon or Aiman hakim ridza??? Hahahahaha.

Hey let's enjoy bts new song! Not todayyyyyy.

Namjoon so sexy and he can make other girl turn on with his new hairstyle and contact lens.

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( guy beside taehyung he was in mask drama as an assistant for the hero) 

Hwarang already finished ,  I like the ending but there is no happy ending for me without taehyung ah. How selfish am I. kueueueueue
( Spring )

( Not today)
hahahahahaha  :) Bye hahhahahahahahahaha.
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